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Donations and Dedications

Congregation Poale Zedeck offers the following dedication opportunities:

Donation for seforim of R' Yolkut's choosing for the L-shaped room library - $36

ArtScroll Tisha b'Av Siddur – $36​​

ArtScroll All Hebrew Siddur – $36

ArtScroll Hebrew/English Siddur – $54

Koren Hebrew/English RCA Siddur - $54

ArtScroll Stone Chumash or Living Torah Chumash – $72

Tree Dedications – $180

Buy a leaf on our Poale Zedeck tree in the main lobby of the shul to commemorate a birth, a bris, a bar/bat mitzvah, a graduation, an engagement, a wedding an anniversary, to honor a friend, or in loving memory of a loved one. Please note that a Premium Membership includes a free leaf.

Yahrzeit Plaques in the Main Sanctuary – $500

Weinberg Memorial Donor Board in the Beis Midrash:

Small bricks – $3600

Large bricks –$7200

Main Sanctuary Stained Glass Panels – $5,000

"L-shaped" Room – $25,000

Name the education building's beis midrash after yourself or your loved one.

​Wills and Bequests: 

By including Congregation Poale Zedeck in your will or earmarking a specific donation you will be able to continue your support and your name in perpetuity. Please email for additional information.

Insurance Assignments:

This is a wonderful way to make a donation to the synagogue!  Execute an irrevocable assignment of beneficiary status to the congregation. Have your gift recognized now but only payable after 120 years. Please email for additional information.

​Legacy Fund of Poale Zedeck: 

The purpose of this fund is to secure long-term funding for the maintenance of the shul that will enable Poale Zedeck to continue to function as a vibrant contributor to Jewish life in Pittsburgh for many years to come. Earmarked funds donated to the shul will go directly to the Legacy Fund. The money in this account can be used for special purposes and ideally the principal funds are to remain intact. The Legacy Fund operates under the watchful eye of a board made up of past presidents. Donations made to this fund can be from estates, endowments, life insurance policies, etc. Please email for additional information.

​Donations of Sifrei Kodesh (sacred texts):

A special fund is earmarked for the maintenance and repair of our Torah scrolls as needed and the purchase of Torah ornament covers and gartels (ties).


To make a donation or dedication, please fill out the form at the top of this page or contact the office, or (412) 421-9786.

Wed, May 29 2024 21 Iyyar 5784