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Make a Simcha


Please contact the office at 412-421-9786 or for sponsorship opportunities for Kiddush and Shalosh Seudos.

Events catered by the Poale Zedeck sisterhood:

Basic Kiddush ($150)
Herring and Crackers
Pickles/Olives/Baby Corn
Vegetable Platter with Dip

Additional Options
Chummus $20
Salsa and Chips $30
Babaganoush $30
Coleslaw $75 
Whitefish $75
Cake $100
Bean Salad $100
Tuna $100
Fruit (Seasonal) $100
Corn Salad $125
Garden Salad $125 
Pasta Salad $125
Egg Salad $150
Quinoa Salad $150
Hot Dishes
Parve Cholent $200 Meat Cholent $300
Noodle Kugel 2 for $160 
Potato Kugel 2 for $160 
Broccoli Kugel 2 for $360
Miscellaneous Additions
Balloons $75
Color Coordinated Paper Goods $100
*Cloth Tablecloths are included with any Kiddush over $1000. For smaller Kiddushes, an additional $50 fee will apply.

*For facility rental/scheduling please contact Miriam Kaminsky at or 412- 421-9786.
* Check payments for kiddush should be made out to PZ Sisterhood.

Events with an outside caterer:

Social Hall (includes the use of the kitchen)

Members - $200

Non-members - $450

Tablecloths - $5 each

L-Shaped Room (does not include use of the kitchen)

Members - $300

Non-members - $450      

​All fees include custodian set-up and clean-up.


The hosts or caterer must hire a Mashgiach through the Vaad Harabanim of Greater Pittsburgh.


Hiring a security guard is the responsibility of the party making the simcha. If the event is open to the public, a security guard is required. If it is a private event, and the hosts choose not to hire a security guard, the building must be kept locked at all times.


Fri, December 1 2023 18 Kislev 5784